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Everything You Need for Team Incentive Plans

Managing incentive plans can be complicated. Our platform makes it simple. Build plans, set targets, and show your team their rewards in real-time.
Women checking her sales commission statement on her phone

Complex Payouts, No Problem.

Kinitro's flexible platform makes it easy to automate complex or simple commission payouts with transparency and accuracy.

  • No-Code Modeling: We modeled our platform on excel spreadsheets making it easy to quickly build or migrate existing commission systems.
  • Enterprise Ready: Create incentive plans with any type of data. Our system is ready to handle complex transactional data and accounting rules.

Team motivation with transparency built-in.

The best incentive plans drive team success. And the best teams are driven by trust and transparency. We help you achieve both.

  • Incentive Statements: Our statements make it easy for teams and managers to audit commission calculations and determine the drivers of success.
  • Dashboards: View KPI and performance data across your organization with dashboards that roll up according to your reporting hierarchy.

Connect Commission Payouts to Accounting & Payroll

Import commission data with files configured for accounting and payroll. With our advanced accounting module you can set your accounting rules, define your subledger, depreciate commissions, and more. 

Streamlined Commission Workflows

Build Plans

Whether your plans are complex or simple, we have you covered

Automate Calculations

Effortlessly calculate commission and bonus statements

Real-time Statements

Build trust with real-time, traceable statements

Set Targets

Set individual and team goals that drive performance

Accounting & Payroll

Automatically export expense and payroll records


Build customizable dashboard to monitor sales performance

Struggling to scale your incentive program?