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Automate Commissions with QuickBooks Data

Kinitro's integration to QuickBooks Online, makes it easy to streamline your commission workflows. Build incentive plans with invoice data and automatically sync accounting records back to QuickBooks. No spreadsheets, no code..
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Quickbooks commissions

Build Incentive Plans with QuickBooks Data

Map QuickBooks invoice data to Kinitro to begin developing  incentive plans for your team. With our flexible, no code system you can quickly build as many plans as you need. 
  • Map QuickBooks invoice data
  • Build incentive plans using QuickBooks data
  • Automatically trigger commission and bonus payouts
Quickbooks Commission Accounting 

Streamline Commission Accounting

Simplify your commission accounting process by syncing accounting records generated in Kinitro to QuickBooks.

Map your chart of accounts

Map your chart of accounts from QuickBooks to Kinitro to save time on setup.

Sync commission expense records

Automate commission accounting by sending records directly to QuickBooks.

Create Amortization Schedules

Create multiple, detailed and accurate commission amortization schedules.

Struggling to automate your incentive program payouts?